Friday, December 28, 2012

Course Offered on Managing Runoff

For those interested in better utilizing runoff in the yard, this spring I'll be teaching a course entitled Managing Runoff in the Landscape through the Princeton Adult School, beginning April 11. Registration has begun. The course is in the Personal Enrichment section on their website,, under "home".

Here's a description:

"Water flow in the landscape can drive decisions about what to plant and where. Wet ground offers a chance to grow some of New Jersey’s most attractive and low-maintenance native species. We will visit several examples in Princeton of using runoff to aesthetic ecological advantage, including projects the instructor has contributed to Rogers Refuge, Princeton University’s stream restoration, Harrison Street Park, Princeton High School’s Ecolab wetland, and constructed raingardens large and small. By studying these examples, participants will gain knowledge of native plants and ideas for managing runoff in their own yards."

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