Sunday, April 07, 2013

Nature Walk: How to get to Gulick Park

Thus far, my explorations of the little known patch of open space in Princeton called Gulick Park has consisted of finding out how to get there. For the nature walk today, Sunday, April 7, at 1pm, here are some ways to reach the obscure entry to the trails:

  • Go to Google Maps and type these words--Concord Lane, Princeton, NJ--into the box at the top. The walk starts at the deadend of Terhune Road, just beyond the intersection with Concord Lane.
  • Or take Route 27 east from Princeton towards Kingston. Carnegie Lake will be on your right. Before reaching Kingston, take a left on Dodds Lane, then the first right, on Corncord Lane, then turn right on Terhune Rd and you're there.
  • To bike, take Terhune Road east. It turns into Van Dyke Road briefly before running into Snowden Lane. At that intersection, cross Snowden Lane and take the bike trail through Smoyer Park woods, staying to the right. At the other end of the woods, Terhune Road magically reappears and you continue east until you reach the deadend. 

The NJ Trails website (Mercer County page) is generally helpful, if you want trail maps for Princeton nature preserves, but Gulick Park isn't mentioned there.

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  1. Hi Stephen, thanks for another interesting post! I was thinking that for future reference, you may like to include a custom Google Map? You can generate one really easily using the 'My Places' button on Google Maps. I put one together for the entrance to Gulick Park (as you described it above-I think I've got it right!) and you can view it here:,-74.626222&spn=0.008026,0.014913

    You can also generate code to embed the map directly in your blog post, which is even neater. More generally, Google Maps annotations are mostly user-submitted, so it's great if you can submit as many annotations as possible to parks, places of interest, which people viewing Google Maps will then be able to see.